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March 25 2015

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March 24 2015

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government these days
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March 19 2015

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We need more women like this

My reblog was pretty aggressive on this one

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Angelina Jolie, everyone
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Truth seen at MCAD. By Jonathan Herrera: http://www.phabiocrafty.com


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March 17 2015

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Dieses Prinzip ist aktueller denn je. Anhand der aktuellen Geschehnisse sieht man sehr schön, wie leicht sich immer noch die meisten Menschen manipulieren lassen.
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March 16 2015

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This is hilarious
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Hipster IBM
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March 11 2015


Ladies, gents and non-binaries: Stephen Fry, man who possesses the most common sense of any human on earth.

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Tesamed Pattexus
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March 09 2015

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