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July 22 2014

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July 18 2014

from the background it looks like all the stadium is filled with women. so the women are allowed to watch women football there and the men watch men's football? interesting concept, fifa would be grateful to copy that do develop new markets...
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This guy.
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July 03 2014

i totally agree with you, and i really do not want to put feminism down in any way. still there are many who label themselve that way, and exactly act in the way described. and those, i am a bit sick of.
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June 26 2014

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June 23 2014

google: chemtrails
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June 21 2014

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June 16 2014

Unser Umsetzungsplan sieht die Einführung von IPv6 gleich nach der, des papierlosen Büros vor.
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Global Summit of Women 2014
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Australia’s Prime Sinister

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Canadian Politicians always have the best ads.
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June 11 2014

Entwaffnende Ehrlichkeit beim ungarischen Innenministerium pic.twitter.com/gwLxO1d1I5
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I'm a black man in my mid-20s, and by all accounts, I'm a relatively normal person. I wear a suit-and-tie to work, I follow basic decorum and etiquette, and I do my best to look non-threatening.

And yet, not a week goes by without an Austrian making an insensitive or outright racist remark. In the subway, on the street, in clubs and bars.

Example #1: I had two police men harass and insult me for 30 minutes for jaywalking (while other people jaywalked in plain sight). When I told them to simply ticket me, as I was late for work, they chided: "Yeah, another Schwarze late for his janitor job." After I showed them my Legitimationkarte, which indicates my employer, they shut up and apologized profusely.

Example #2: Two weeks ago, I was on the U6 Ubahn headed for Floridsdorf. As I sat across from an old woman, I couldn't help but notice her staring. She stared at me--without breaking eye contact--for five stations! Eventually, I pull my earbuds out and ask if I can help her with something. Her response: "Ich habe noch nie einen Affen in einem Anzug gesehen"

How to handle racism in Vienna
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